Catering is mostly the most important factor to consider to when it comes to event planning and budgeting. The food and beverage served on your event will have a significant impact on its success. So, make sure you hire someone that could give the best at a reasonable price. But since there are many companies to hire, how can you narrow down the one for you?

So, here are some factors you can consider when hiring an event catering.

Be Specific on Your Expectation from Them

The caterers will offer different menus, prices and services to you. It can be challenging when there are many things to consider. Make sure you are specific on the type of event you are going to hold, the expectation you have over the menu, the taste of the food and the services offered. An event catering service will do everything to gain your favor, so it is best to take time on what you want and your expectation regarding the work.

Experience of the Catering Service

Choose a catering company that has been on the experience for a long time. A black-tie server may not be appropriate for an outdoor or Hawaiian theme. Each event should be planned with the appropriate attire not only for the guests but also to people who are going to render the service. To make this happen, communication is the key. It is essential for you to talk to them and ask for a proposal on what they can do about your event. A reputable and experienced caterer will be able to deliver you the kind of proposal containing the menu, services outline of the event you are seeking.

Flexible Service

Many event catering companies have standard menu made for each event. Look for a caterer with a menu that has the list of current trends beverage and food. You can also discuss to them about the menu options you have in mind. Look for a caterer that is flexible in changing some of the menu on their list to your preference and need on the event.

Service is Important Also Hiring an event catering service is not just about having delicious food and beverage on your event. It also includes the service you will receive and your guests from them. While you don’t have the control over the kind of staff serving the event but you can control what food to serve, how the food should be served and the sequence of the event as planned. You can inquire the number of servers, their experience and the number of similar events they have served.

Ask for References

You have to know how an event catering renders service to their clients, like as mentioned on their website. How can you get an honest feedback for this? Through references or reviews from people who have previously hired their service. You can ask these references from them. If they are reputable and does not hide anything, they would be willing to provide list of clients from them.